How does it work?

We like to make it nice and easy for you, and we can work wherever or however you would like us to.

Choose Your Look

As a starting point we’d recommend having a look through the ‘Choose Your Look’ page to get an idea of the sort of style you’re looking for (remember, if you’re not sure, we’re very happy to have a chat on the phone about it and you can pick a convenient time for us to give you a call and talk it through)

BW Portrait

Where’s it going?

Next, have a think about what you might need the final images for. Is it just a series of digital images for use on Social Media, or is it going to be a 48” long family portrait to hang above the fireplace? Again, anything’s possible but it helps us to guide you if we know where the final images are going to be used.

Lily Anamorph

Book a call

If you have a rough idea (or even if you don’t) then let’s book a call for a chat about this, and we can discuss locations, timings and costs.

Book a shoot

Don’t need a chat? Just want to check availability and get on with it? That’s fine, click the Book a Shoot button and you’ll be able to see our studio calendar availability (please bear in mind if we are travelling to a distant location we may need
slightly more notice, but again we’ll let you know about that).

The day before the shoot

The day before the shoot we will send you a text reminder to check everything’s OK, and send you a few hints and tips to help the shoot run more smoothly.

On the day of the shoot

On the day of the shoot we’ll start off with a chat over coffee to make sure you’re completely at ease, and that we’re all still clear with the look we’re going for.  Our studios are very discreet and tucked away, so if you are a major celebrity then don’t worry, we‘ve even got a nice space for your security guards to sit.


Most single-person shoots take 2-3 hours, less for classic headshots but possibly longer if we have a lot of costume and set changes. We’ll quickly run through the raw images on the day to get an idea of which ones you’re most happy with, and then you’re free to go, whilst our elves get to work processing the images and making sure that you always look your very best.

Approximately 1 week after the shoot

Approximately 1 week after the shoot we’ll contact you and invite you back into the studio for the ‘reveal’ where we show you the finished images on our big screen (this stage may not be required if you’re just looking for digital images for use on websites etc) and we can show you how your finished images will look with our range of framing and presentation options.


Then we’ll get them made up in your chosen style and we’ll deliver them to your home or office within 14 days.