Choose your look

The images here are just a few suggestions - in reality the only limit is your imagination (well, OK, getting you onto the moon could be a challenge, but we can do most other things).
Have a look through to get an idea of the style you might be looking for, and then let’s have a chat and come up with something different

This is usually the starting point that people imagine when they think of a picture of themselves…

lifestyle-beauty-fashion-people-emotions-concept-young-asian-female-office-manager-ceo-with-pleased-expression-standing-white-background-smiling-with-arms-crossed-chest 1-min (1)
woman-art-school-wearing-apron-drawing-easel 1-min

But how about taking it further? There’s more to you than head and shoulders right? How about showing you doing what you do? Add a bit of context to the shot, maybe in your workplace or with some relevant props that relate to your skills, hobbies or interests?

We can do a great job of that for you either in the studio or wherever you’d like us to be – we’re happy to travel!

Perhaps it would be more interesting to show a bit more of your fun and frivolous side. Even in a business environment people like to feel they’re working with real people. Let your true personality shine through. Let you be you!

Lily Fantasy

And what's wrong with something that’s just pure fantasy? Always fancied being a film star, a model or a band member? Maybe a superhero or a character from a game? Let’s talk about who you’d like to be and we can make it happen!

Or perhaps it’s not just you, it could be a nice shot of you with a partner, your work colleagues or even the whole family

couple-daughter-with-shopping-bags-are-shopping-mall 1-min

Schedule a call and we can talk you through it, no pressure, no obligation.